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Church of San Francesco

Church of San Francesco, Ostuni in Puglia, Italy

Located in piazza della Libertà, just next to the Town Hall of Ostuni, the church of San Francesco was originally part of the Franciscan monastery of 1304.

During the second half of the XVII century the church was renewed under the directions of the maestri and sculptors Giuseppe Fasano and Nicolantonio Maldarella.

The façade was designed in 1883 by the architect Gaetano Jurleo to harmonize with the new Town Hall palace, the ex monastery.

The inside has one linear nave with an elegant cupola, precious stucco, an impressive altar with a marble banister, two angels by Sammartino, a Luca Giordano painting representing Moses and various XVII century statues including a San Giuseppe (1695) and an Immacolata.


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