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Church of the Spirito Santo

Church of the Spirito Santo of Ostuni in Puglia, Italia

Located beside the obelisk of Santo Oronzo, in piazza della Libertà, this small but charming church was built in 1637 by the bishop Melingi. It has one nave with a stone vault and a lunette. The façade is plain with only the coat of arms of the bishop in the middle of the gable.

The main feature of this curch is the portal. It is older than the church (1450) and was originally situated on the façade of the medieval church of Ognissanti located in Piazza del Moro (the modern piazza Sansone).

The portal has a lunette and a spire. On the lunette there is an engraved representation of the Dormitio Marie with the virgin on her death bed watched by the apostles and the angels. At the foot of the bed is the praying figure of Bishop Arpone, the commissioner of the portal. This is the most elaborate and expressive portal in Ostuni in the classic Gothic style.

The artistic elements inside the church include a painting of fra' Giacomo di San Vito, the XVII century statue of Saint Oronzo located in the altar dedicated to the saint, and a XVII century statue of the Madonna del Buon Consiglio.


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