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Dolmen of Montalbano

Dolmen of Montalbano in Puglia, Italy

The dolmen of Montalbano is the most ancient megalithic monument that can be found in the area around Ostuni. It is a central feature of the funeral architecture of the pre-classical era.

The dolmen of Montalbano consists of two vertical stones of 3 metres topped by another one of 4x3 metres. Nearby the dolmen were found a number of tombs which indicates that this dolmen was used as a burial monument.

Getting there

It is located at about 12 km Ostuni, in contrada Pisco Marano near the masseria Ottava. It can be reached by taking the SS 16 to Fasano. Take the road on the right just before the small town of Montalbano.



Some images of the dolmen of Montalbano near Ostuni