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Frantoio Locopagliaro

Frantoio Locopagliaro Ostuni, Puglia Italy

In the Ostuni area there are dozens of mills all dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

The hypogeum mills are natural underground caves that started to be used for the production of olive oil because they had the stable temperature (around 28 degrees), which is an important factor in making high quality olive oil.

Frantoio Locopagliaro is the best preserved and the most beautiful medieval mill in Puglia. Inside you can admire the ancient grinders, presses and tanks, the underground ducts, ventilation systems and all of the various tools used. Tours are given in various languages. There is a tasting of their own produced olive oil which it is possible to buy together with other products at the end of tour.


How to get there

It is located on the road from Ostuni to Torre Pozzella at about 5 km. Take the SP 21 to Torre Pozzella. At about 4 km you will see signs to Frantoio Locopagliaro.