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Masseria Lo Spagnulo

Masseria Lo Spagnulo of Ostuni in Puglia, Italy

This is one of the grandest masserie with the look of a real medieval manor house with a severe architecture style. It was built in 1689 by Don Saverio Lopez Royo son of Bartolomeo of Pamplona.

Passing under the entrance arch, over which is a coat of arms, you enter the courtyard with two flights of stairs, in Baroque style, that lead to the main house on the first floor.

In the courtyard you can also see a quadrangular tower, a small church, the private houses, the stables and an olive oil mill.

Getting there

Masseria Lo spagnulo is at about 5 km from Ostuni. To get there take the road SS 16 to Fasano and follow the signs along the way. You can also get there by taking the SP 19 to Pilone-Rosa Marina. You will find directions at about 4 km from Ostuni.


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