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Masseria Rialbo di Sopra

This is the oldest masseria in the Ostuni territory built in 1578. It is a fortified masseria with high walls and three wings, two large courtyards, a drawbridge and other defence systems on the high walls.

Inside one of the courtyards is a hypogeum mill with all the equipment for the production of olive oil and tanks for decanting and storing. This masseria with its olive plantation, citrus, groves, and pasture still has a vital and necessary role in providing goods for urban centres.

Getting there

Masseria Rialbo di Sopra is located at about 5 km from Ostuni. To get there take the road SS 16 from Ostuni to Fasano. At the km 875 sign turn left on a small road. After 500 metres you will find the masseria.


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