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Piazza della Libertà

Piazza della Libertà of Ostuni in Puglia, Italy

Piazza della Libertà is the main square and the lively center of the city of Ostuni. It is a nineteenth-century style piazza where there are some important buildings and churches.

In ancient times there was here another piazza, called San Francesco, which was bounded by two city gates, the Porta San Francesco, or Juso, and Porta del Ponte with a drawbridge and moat protections. There were here is also a clock tower, a hospital and a soldier building.

Immediately after the collapse of the Regno dei Borboni, the area was completely revamped with the demolition of some buildings and parts of the walls and with the creation of the 'piazza della Libertà', so called to remember the finally achieved freedom from the Regno dei Borboni.

In addition, the facade of the Franciscan convent, adjacent to the church of San Francesco, was re-styled in a new style typical of the late nineteenth century and became the Town Hall of Ostuni.

Located next to the Town Hall, was also built the palace Maresca which is the first example of Neo-Classical mansion built in Ostuni.

Piazza della Libertà forms one thing with the piazza Santa Oronzo where one can see the obelisk of the Saint along with other buildings such as the neo-classical palace built by Vito Nicola Solari in 1878, the baroque palace behind the obelisk and a Liberty style building, palazzo Lofino.

Recently, the area to the right of the obelisk was rearranged with the construction of a beautiful staircase called 'Scalinata Mons. E. Antelmi'.


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