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Sanctuary of San Biagio

Cathedral of Ostuni in Puglia, Italy

The sanctuary of San Biagio is one of the most interesting monastic foundation along the south side of the Murge. It is also a major evidence of the influence of Bysantine culture in Puglia from the IX to the XI century.

The origins of the church and the nearby habitations date back to the XII century. The first people who lived in the area of San Biagio in Rialto were some monks (Oblati Basiliani) to whom the bishop of Ostuni gave lands, animals and economic resources to start their activity.

On the promontory is a small Romanesque church overhanging a rocky cave. Inside is an altar in Baroque style with a statue of San Biagio made by the sculptor Giuseppe Greco.

Just outside the church is a cell and in front of it the ancient home of the monks, now consisting of only two rooms with outside two wells excavated in the rock. The courtyard is protected by a windbreak wall.


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Some images of the sanctuary of San Biagio near Ostuni