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Sanctuary of Santo Oronzo

Sanctuary of Santo Oronzo of Ostuni in Puglia, Italy

The sanctuary of Santo Oronzo, dedicated to the saint who lived here in the III century AD, is located on the hill call after the ancient specchia Morrone and built over a small natural cave inside which the saint found refugee to escape the persecution of the early Christians.

It was built between the 1656 and 1657 with money from the Ostuni citizens who wanted in this way to thank the saint who according to tradition spared the Salento population from a plague that started in Naples.

Inside the church is an underground grotto with an altar and a fresco of the XVI century.

Outside, on the left of the church, is a triumphal arch and a staircase built by Felice Giovine in 1747 which leads to a miraculous spring. The saint is reputed to have struck the rock with his staff and the clear water that poured out continued to flow even in driest summer. The water was considered a secure remedy for any kind of pain. Frequent pilgrimages were organized that reached the sanctuary using the via Agnano.

Further up the hill above the church and the spring you can see a monument with a statue of Sant'Oronzo.

Nowadays, the great devotion still paid to the saint is shown by the Cavalcata, when his statue is carried around the city in procession on the 26 August every year.


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