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Ostuni the White City Property Management Services


Ostuni the White City Property Management Services offers a wide range of services to owners who need someone to look after their property. Below a list of services we offer.

Cleaning Services

Open and air property, make up beds, place towels, soap, toilet paper and waste bin liner, sweep and wash floors, dust furniture and shelving, clean kitchen and all appliances, clean and disinfect bathrooms, sweep and wash terraces, put out terrace furniture, clean and arranged, switch on electric mains, ensure fridge and water heaters are on and operating.

Meet and Greet Clients (Check-in)

Meet clients at property or anywhere else, drive them to property, show property, give general info about things in the property.

Collection of key on departure and checking of property (Check-out)

We can meet clients just before departure to collect key and check that property is left with no damages.

Emergency Telephone Number

If clients have an emergency we can respond and assist straight away to solve the problem.

Repairs and Maintenance

During the course of normal property inspections various maintenance/repair situations may arise. These will be notified to you immediately and we will be happy to provide you with our own, most competitive quotations.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

We can take care of the pool maintenance which includes: water testing and balancing, visual inspection of equipment, checking pool patio removing any debris and cleaning the pool, spring opening and winter closing of pool.

Building and Maintenance

Services that we provide range from painting, plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, building works, installation of air-conditioning, heating units, installation and maintenance of swimming pools and heating pumps, interior design and all other major aspects down to changing a light bulb or replacing broken glass.

Financial Service

We offer services that will ensure that all your payments are made. We collect and administer all your bills and accounts providing you with one simple statement showing all your commitments and will make sure all your bills are paid on time, providing there are sufficient funds held in your account.

Plant Watering and Dehumidifying

We are happy to water any indoor and outdoor plants for you in your absence and also to open and air your property. We can dehumidify your home which also includes emptying the machine every two days.

Butane Gas Bottles

We can arrange for a new Butane Gas bottle to be delivered to your home to replace the empty one - or have a new one delivered.


Ostuni the White City Property Management Services operate a full laundry service. Also, if you would like us to collect dirty linen from your property, take it to the laundry and return it when cleaned we will be happy to do so.

Full Inventory

A full inventory of the property's contents will be made by our inspector upon the owner's request. Inventories are essential when the property is very much in use by owner's guests. Also an inventory will become invaluable should there be a break in or the property's contents be damaged and an insurance claim needs to be made. The price for making a full inventory will depend on the size of the property and the time spent.

Inspection of Property

During this inspection, your property will be opened and aired and any faults/problems will be notified and dealt with accordingly. Particular attention will be given to any possible water damage/leakage, humidity levels, and condition of interior furnishings and detection of vermin. Electrical appliances will also be checked. A written report will be prepared after each visit and these reports may be accessed at any time and sent via email on request.